Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"The Sims 3" fun things continue to occur

Play a couple of days the sims 3, feeling really good, has many advantages not list them, and want to know them, please refer to other posts, here to talk about things I encounter 鍥? because all happened suddenly, so no time to capture , and pure text.

鍥?1, one night in their career track of the villains are gradually being of sleep, I also happy to WC, and behold, so my C back, keep the rest of my life stolen money to buy TV ...

鍥?2, in view of the sims 2 open party when the guests are always anxious to finish a lifetime of grain meal, 2 in 3 continued the practice of buying self-help table for guests Chihaohehao, and behold, people are held to large and small plates .. Consequently, from the kitchen to the latrine, to put the places filled with food ...

鍥?3, my little man has finally grown into the prime of life from the young, and life events can not be careless, Hupenghuanyou over to witness this historic moment, and behold, the results of invited 7 people over 20, my living room plug with the same station during the Spring Festival travel season, we squeezed into five hours, and then are brought to the party high marks to their homes of the ...

鍥?4, birthday party, after watching Full House messy, I am fortunate to have hourly workers in this business, so let bad people loitering in the streets to 4:00 and then sleep at home, behold, the domestic service companies is really pro-s man and a woman two days sent directly to the servant, maid Although the mood is very unhappy, but still dutifully stick to their posts, butler for a look at television, one will go to a network, one will go for a ice-Qi Lin, eating End maid last straw was also brushing ... stare at him, he picked up a bumbling dirty dishes from the ground, and then on the table ... the most intolerable is that, finally, I paid double the money is. ..

鍥?5, party often come to a mysterious little fat boy, always Sipilailian not go, he always carried to the mid-to party, to the future and does not speak one's eating a plate of food to eat at midnight 12 o'clock, time to drift away ....

鍥?6, although it is my villain sports legend, but to fully develop morally, intellectually, it has become a chess master to be the next target. Behold, a player in the phone Yuezhan 鍥?when things happen, at 9 points, phone calls, please telephone the other side that is not something to play over 23 hours later, well, the next night to play, the days turned into a call back, the third day or the day after .... About a week or not about them ...

These 鍥?things, are also considered one of the sims 3 Let the fun ...


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